Episode 17

We’ve made the move to PodBean! Don’t forget to look forour new feed on ITunes!

Now THIS is our best episode, I swear! We enter Amber, aka DJ Catty Ninetails, who is getting ready to DJ Kinky Prom. She and Mighty Bill reminisce over stories of Frolicon past, and she and Fleshvine squick Mighty Bill talking about fun kinks..

Music is Massacre by Dead Poets Society and can be found at http://www.TheDeadPoets.org.

Listen here!


6 Responses to “Episode 17”

  1. I love listening to KATG while doing my Wii Fit workout in the nude.

  2. I realized that I wrote we ENTER Amber. There was no entering involved.. This I solemnly swear..

  3. I am amazed that every one of your podcasts is the best ever. Once again with the sounds. Mighty Bill, please forgive me for enjoying hearing you squirm. In a previous post, I may have mentioned that I have on a couple of occasions inserted catheters in myself to see how it felt. I was taught how to do insertions by a urologist, and did hundreds of them in the course of my job, so I thought it only right to try it on myself. If done right, it is not at all painful, and by that I mean instilling sterile lubricant into the urethra before attempting. The reason for this is that the lining of the urethra has no natural lubricant. If you think for a moment, it is impervious to fluid, a useful feature since urine and semen are not absorbed through the walls. I heard a comment somewhere that it feels like a reverse orgasm, and that certainly describes the sensation I got from it. Ms. Kinky, I get aroused every time I listen to your descriptions of sounding, and went and found some instructional videos but forgot to get the link. I suspect you already have it. Since I heard about this activity, I have been trying to figure out a way to have it happen to me.

    • fleshvine Says:

      Honey, if you ever find yourself in Atlanta, let me know. I would be happy to sound you. It really IS one of my very favorite things to do!

      And thank you so much for commenting here! *huge hug*

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