Episode 21

We’re finally legal! This is the ‘Night of the Living Fucktards’ episode. We talk about the Evolution of Fleshvine, our Frolicon wishlists, and food and drink. This is totally our best episode!

Music is Massacre by Dead Poets Society and can be found at www.TheDeadPoets.org.

Listen Here!


4 Responses to “Episode 21”

  1. @Episode 21: Dear Friends: Listening to your telling of the evolution of Fleshvine, I understood much more clearly your choice to not mention my screen name on a previous podcast. Rumiboy is a persona I created as I began to explore Erotic Hypnosis under the guidance and care of Lady Julia. While creating an “interesting internet presence,” I have not much worried about anyone’s dad picking up on my alter ego, but I do still worry about my adult children making the connection and being totally embarassed. I doubt they would be shocked, since they have always thought I was pretty weird. Kids, if you do happen to read this post, I want you to know that I am very proud to have given all of you the space and permission to be sexual beings without all the guilt and fear of sex I carried through my miserable, conflicted young adulthood. Be safe, be sane, be sensual but consensual.

  2. rumiboy Says:

    “..I was an altar boy but never got touched” Mighty Bill, you cracked me up as I recalled my own days as an altar boy from age 10 to 13. I remember getting horny at inappropriate moments, like when I was pouring the water over Father’s hands and smelled his cologne. I didn’t even know I was horny, it just felt so good all over kneeling in that long red surplice. The candles, the incense, it was hypnotic to me at times, and I seriously thought about becoming a priest. Then my best friend and I discovered masturbation. Later that summer, I found out that it was a mortal sin, and got completely fucked up, a state in which I lived until I was 25.

    What I realized as an adult was that the altar boy gig was a racket. For most of us, it was a submissive ritual, but I didn’t notice at the time that a select few were making a decent income off of tips received while serving at weddings and christenings. Me, I just loved the ritual, and disovered how much I missed it when I started exploring Fet Life and erotic hypnosis. I love hearing about your adventures and exploits as you fight the never ending battle against fear of sex. My heroes.

  3. rumiboy Says:

    Fleshvine: If I ever get to Atlanta, I will entrust myself to you and your “sound” judgement. It doesn’t look possible at this time and within the agreements of my current partnership, but who knows what futures one can create?

  4. Both of you should know full well my babydoll and I will be there at your recording and I’ve already said that I’m more than willing to stand and ask “What’s a Nubian?” as long as I get a “Black RAGE!” from one of you!

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