Episode 45

On this episode we eat. In front of a live studio audience. It’s a bit weird, actually. You’ll love it.

Music is Massacre by Dead Poets Society. It can be found at www.TheDeadPoets.org.

Listen Here!


One Response to “Episode 45”

  1. Finally got a week off work after a month of overtime, scrubbing down the house and enjoying the hell out of listening to you two eating as I clean the cat box. The chestnuts really sounded lovely. It amused me to notice that most of the things you ate come from the sex parts of various organisms. Chestnuts, strawberries, etc. Even chocolate and coffee come from the seeds.
    I guess if I had paid more attention in Pagan Biology class I would realize that it is no mistake that the seed bearing parts of organisms are the best things to eat. All that energy bundled up in a small delicious package. Have you ever eaten raw eggs? I have a few times and it is such a sensueal experience. I would do it more often than once every 20 years if I had access to food irradiation equipment….
    Once again, I want to say thanks for being yourselves and I am glad you both enjoyed the con. I hope to get to meet you some day, hopefully over food.

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