Geekless Kink, ep 2 is out!

Fleshvine and Phantom geek hard core about gaming, specifically gaming of the board/card/dice variety. We talk about the games we have, the ones we love, and the ones we still want to obtain. Also, I 100% SWEAR that we were not high as we recorded. We just naturally sound like this. :-D


One Response to “Geekless Kink, ep 2 is out!”

  1. Interesting to note, this “Geekless Kink” episode is entirely Geek. I very much enjoyed it, though. “Gloom” sounds like my kind of game. When I was younger, craps was an obsession for about a year. My favorite thing was to find a crowded table and bet strictly “don’t”. For those unfamiliar with the game, “Don’t Pass” means you are betting that a seven will roll before the number. You win when the other bettors lose. It is a legitimate bet, but it often engenders emotions from other bettors ranging from indignation to rage. I guess you could say it’s almost a sadistic bet, since the responses it evokes always give me pleasure. More than once, though, I had to take evasive measures when leaving the casino to avoid losing bettors intent on vengeance.

    So, Happy New Year, and best wishes to the K&G team. Thanks for all the effort you have put in to the podcast this past year.

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